Benefits of Stainless steel Feeding Bottles 

Parents always prioritize their children's health over everything else. When it involves infants the parents are very anxious about their wellbeing. One of the most important things parents fret about is the use of the right feeding bottle.

Stainless steel Feeding Bottles

While the concerns of parents can be genuine, they are actually spoilt for choice in selecting the right feeding bottle

Stainless steel feeding bottles can be the right answer to the commonly recurring question. While glass feeding bottles can break and plastic bottles leach chemicals, Stainless steel feeding bottles can tick all the right boxes.
It is better to avoid plastic feeding bottles (including “BPA-free” ones!). BPA-free plastics that contain BPA substitutes like BPS, BPF, BPAF, BPZ, BPP and are equally bad since they leach chemicals causing genetic and hormonal disruption.

Stainless steel feeding bottles are environment friendly

Stainless steel feeding bottles are anti-bacterial and don't leach harmful chemicals. The milk or formula is safe for the baby to consume. Besides stainless steel bottles are environment friendly and last longer. Plastic bottles are hazardous not only because they leach harmful chemicals but pollute the environment too. 

Cleaning a Stainless steel feeding bottle

Another advantage of using a Stainless steel feeding bottle is because it’s easy to clean. Just use warm soapy water and clean the bottle thoroughly from top to bottom including the neck and threaded areas where there could be accumulation of dirt. Milk is not known to be corrosive. But residual milk deposits can act with cleaning agents. So it is important that proper care is taken whilse washing the Stainless steel feeding bottle. Stainless steel is a sterile material and is resistant to mold and bacteria making it a safe alternative for the baby. However care should be taken to wash it thoroughly.

Maxima Stainless steel feeding bottles

Maxima Stainless steel a leading brand of feeding bottles has found acceptance among mothers for its aesthetic looks. It's lightweight and can be carried around easily. Being ergonomically designed the contours of the bottle makes gripping easy. Maxima uses high quality Stainless steel and has anti-bacterial properties. Besides Maxima's Stainless steel feeding bottles undergo stringent quality tests to ensure the best.

Yes, the baby will find it very convenient to drink from Maxima Stainless steel feeding bottle as it allows a seamless flow of the liquid besides being easy for the baby to hold the bottle.