Samrat Houseware Festivals And Gifting...

Samrat Houseware Festivals And Gifting...

Festival season started let’s discuss about the “gifts” either swag bags at conferences, souvenirs at sporting events, or any other personalized festival based gifts. Most of the gifts are used and some are kept as memory or just a showpiece. When we receive or give a gift, it makes us feel special about it. The minute spent on giving or receiving make us stand on cloud nine. It is a complete pleasure to give or receive a gift. Especially a surprise gift is a moment of great thrill, making both giver and receiver a real-time experience.

Giving or receiving

Giving or receiving both is equally a special moment; the real task behind it is in selecting, coordinating and organizing the gift-giving endeavors. Primarily corporate gifting is a fixed process for fastening with prospects, clients, customers, and more for a smart reason. Researches have proved that occasion-based gifts such as festival gifts are simple for people to know and remember you than social media promotions.

Corporate gifts

Most companies use corporate gifting to provoke action from customers or a chance of renewing their bond with the respective brands with their gifts. Some make it a point to gift few of their products as samples to their prospects, just with the hope of getting more orders or subscriptions or transactions from the respective prospect. Today’s pandemic situation hasn’t stopped anyone from gifting inclusion of family gifts; everyone still practices gifting across various countries.

Remarkably to stand out in the mind of the recipient, proper planning is a must for the corporate gift. This corporate gift should stand out from the rest of the memories and enable a proper bonding between brands. When it comes to family-based gifts, a gift must remind us of the person for their empathetic character and how important they are to the rest of the family.

Brand gifts

There are various ways you can distinguish your brand’s corporate gifts from the rest of the competitors and enhance the likelihood for your brand. When it comes to gifting to your employees, a corporate gift with logo is preferred and it is considered as the ideal way to thank for their loyalty. There are several corporate gift cards available from Amazon, Flipkart and so many other e-commerce websites too. They are also gaining popularity among the corporate gifting ideas.

Some may ask “What is corporate gift card?”

Well, a corporate gift card is given to employees for special occasions, festivals, achievements etc. Using this gift card an employee can buy or get special price or offer or get products worth within the range offered. This is a popular trend and it is popular with western countries, due to its tailor made convenience. These corporate gift cards make the gifting task much easier as the corporates doesn’t need to break their head in debating between gifting ideas for men and gifting ideas for women. Some brands take a tricky twist and pick good gift ideas for couples.

More than gift – how you gift matters

Corporates need to know that more than the gift – how you gift matters. Nearly 83% of consumers feel exciting to open a package, when they receive a package from their brand. It is very fact that how we feel when we open a gift wrapper is such a fantastic experience. It creates a great impression on the brand and also about the giver. Every time a gift is seen, it reminds us about the brand for a long time.

Visualize an employee family celebrating the festival with your brand product. It will change the complete experience of the brand in the neighborhood. In today’s trend, brand logos imprinted in the corporate gifts are highly recommended. This kind of small initiative can boost brand value and give back ROI in long term. Here are few points to think why you can consider Maxima Kitchenware for gifting purpose.

  • Tailor-made high-quality products for all seasons.
  • Personalized gifting ideas include Logo imprints.
  • On-time delivery.
  • High-quality stainless steel cookware merchandise.
Hope this blog is helpful for you to choose the right stainless steel product for your stakeholders. Happy festive season to all.