Plastic Vs Maxima Stainless Steel Feeding Bottles

Plastic Vs Maxima Stainless Steel Feeding Bottles

All mothers want the best for their kids. They choose what is good for the baby even before it is born. It is out of love that a mother picks everything that favors the child’s happiness and well-being. However, conscious decision-making may not go into certain purchases. Feeding bottles are one of them.

It is almost a subconscious act to choose plastic feeding bottles. Plastic has become synonymous with feeding bottles. But not many people know that a Steel Feeding Bottle exists. They also fail to recognize the benefits they can get out of it. Steel feeding bottles are a safe choice for babies. 

Let us now compare plastic and stainless steel feeding bottles. This way, you will be able to judge one over the other. 

Plastic Feeding Bottles

Glass bottles have vanished from the shelves a long time ago. Plastic feeding bottles are now in their place. It is still popular in the parent community. The most important reason for its preference is availability. You will find these bottles in any store you visit. They are less expensive than glass bottles. Finally, they do not break into pieces like glass bottles. 

You may not see any problems with plastic feeding bottles. But only when you look at the other side of things, you get to know the whole of it. Plastic bottles do have their advantages. Despite that, their cons outweigh the pros. Especially in matters of child health.

Many plastic feeding bottles are BPA-free. Even though they still may contain harmful chemicals. It is even worse as the bottles get older. The residue on the plastic bottle can seep into the milk filled in it. Therefore, parents have to be careful while deciding to buy.

Stainless Steel Feeding Bottles

You can see the popularity of the Stainless Steel Baby Feeding Bottle Online. These bottles have become a sensation and slowly replacing plastic. It is particularly due to the health benefits it has. The switch is in line with the health-consciousness of the people in recent years. Here are some reasons why Stainless steel feeding bottles are safe for your child.

  • The core material is 304 food grade or otherwise 18/8 stainless steel. It makes them a healthier choice than plastic feeding bottles.
  • They do not contain chemicals that endanger your child’s health.
  • The material does not let any substances seep into the drink.
  • Stainless steel bottles last longer and do not break easily. 
  • You can store the drink as it is. The material is highly resistant to the outside environment. Thus, the content retains the freshness for a longer duration.
  • Stainless steel is good for your baby and as well as the earth. They are made from recyclable material and do not harm the environment in any way.

When comparing plastic and stainless steel bottles, there is a clear winner. Many people have already begun to purchase Steel Bottles Online. Plastic bottles may be a cheap alternative in terms of price. However, it is quality and safety that matters, especially when it is the health of your child. 

Having said all that, what would you choose? Plastic or Stainless steel? Cheap alternatives or a healthy product? If it is the latter, you can purchase a Steel Water Bottle Online on Maxima World right now.