Guidelines For How To Clean And Care Tri-Ply Steel Pans

Guidelines For How To Clean And Care Tri-Ply Steel Pans

As an enthusiastic cook, or as a simple housewife—or both, you may feel overwhelmed when you see a stainless steel pan. The shiny metal surface welcomes you to take it off the shelves from the store and to your home! You conjure up several dishes and delicacies you want to make with the pan. Eventually, you find the right time to open the tri ply frying pan and put it to use for the first time.

You end up making what you dreamt of. There is no need to say that you would have loved the sizzle of the ingredients on the pan. Isn’t that a very sweet sound for a cook to listen to? It’s equivalent to a symphony! But, on some rare occasions, even experienced homemakers would find it difficult to do a thing. The last part in any cooking (and the toughest) is to clean the utensil. One wrong move can cause irreparable damage to the shiny, attractive stainless steel pan of yours. 

Here are some tips to clean the pans and keep them the same way

Time for a basic lesson

First, there are some fundamental steps to follow while cleaning the stainless steel pans:
  • Do not put the hot pan immediately into the water because this can cause the material to wrap. Leave some time for the pan to cool after cooking.
  • Wash gently with warm water.
  • Use a delicate cleaning pad to scrape any food stuck on the utensil. Avoid metal dishwashing pads as they would scratch on the surface.
  • Dry the pan as soon as you wash it to prevent those irritating water spots on the tri ply fry pan.
  • But if the inevitable happens, make sure to wipe the surface using a wet cloth with a bit of baking soda to clean the water spots.

Cleaning and maintenance tips for the long run

Now that we have seen the rudimentary steps to clean your stainless steel pan, let’s discuss for the long term. Generally, triply cookware is durable. You can prolong their life even more if you follow these steps. This section will also address the issues you might face during its use.

1 - White spots on the surface

Sometimes, you can see pale white patches along the surface of the pan. It is because of an extensive build-up of calcium present in the water. To clean this, boil water and vinegar in the ratio of 3:1 on the pan. Then, follow the usual cleaning procedure.

2 - Rainbow color on the pan  

You may sometimes see rainbow colors on the surface. It is because of prolonged cooking in high flames. It is referred to as discoloration. Cooking food high in acidity may help in removing the streaks of the rainbow color on the pan.

3 - Food stuck on the pan 

The food might stick to the surface if you add cold food products to a hot pan. If you encounter this issue, first try to scrape the food by using a gentle scrubbing pad. It will remove most of it. Then soak the pan in warm water with a bit of baking soda. Finally, using a wooden spoon would remove the finer particles from the tri ply stainless steel cookware.
These tips will help you maintain the cookware for a longer duration and enable you to cook your favorite dishes!