From Fry pans to the Ozone layer

From Fry pans to the Ozone layer


Did you know? A Frypan with a chemical coating is more than enough to bring health issues. Here there are many chemical coated cookware available in the market, and a non-stick is popular.  There are many recipes that are considered to be ideal to try out in non-stick cookware. However, not many of us are aware that a stainless steel tri-ply is also a non-stick in nature.  In this blog, we can analyze points to know more about fry pan and how it can help you to be a part of an Eco-friendly community.

When it comes to Indian cuisine, fry pan is must. A fry pan is ideal for frying, pan-frying, broiling, roasting, and more. There are at least 1000 varieties of dishes that are suitable to make only in frying pan. The cooking method bring the broad difference, both north Indian food  and south Indian food possess huge difference in taste and texture that purely comes out of the cooking method only. Whether it is north Indian or south Indian food, the unique blend of flavor is guaranteed.

Chemical coating

Today, all Teflon-coated cookware is not PFOA-free. Not many of us are aware that PFOA has been linked to a number of health issues such as thyroid disorders, chronic kidney disease, liver disease and testicular cancer. Besides, it has also been linked to reproduction problems and low birth weight. There are many dangers of Overheating Teflon coated cookware can bring such as releasing toxic chemicals into the air. Inhaling such fumes may lead to polymer fume fever or Teflon Flu. Hence beware of trying a chemical coated fry pan and try to switch to a much safer stainless steel tri-ply fry pan.

Truly wondering what made the non-stick cookware a trend, coz a cookware that is unsuitable for cooking and also causing many other health issues is not a good. Here Teflon is coated as one example whereas there are many other harmful materials that are hazardous too. Some of it is more dangerous to our environment as well.
Any good product should have a long lifetime saving manufacturing process, raw materials, time, energy etc. spent on cheap or low value products. The value and the problem of virtual water is increasing among the developing nation like India, this was never under the scanner among developed nations. As it is an International benefit for a developing country like us.

Our Ozone layer

Living on Earth would not be possible without water and sunlight. The stratospheric layer shields Earth from most of the sun’s very harmful ultraviolet radiation. The ozone layer or Ozone shield is a fragile layer of gas in the Earth’s stratosphere that absorbs most of the Sun’s UV rays thus causing numerous skin diseases.

The ozone layer is a shield of the atmosphere that has high ozone densities. It is a gas made of three oxygen atoms. The largest part of the ozone stays within the stratosphere acting as a shield, protecting the surface of the Earth from the harmful UV radiation of the sun. If this layer becomes weaken, we would all have to face the direct UV rays from the sun.

Learning more about the ozone layer on this date is another way that conveys your honor plus observes World Ozone Day is by spreading awareness on the subject. People are not aware of the damaging impact of the ozone layer. Hence start spreading awareness about the Ozone layer. Now share this with your friends, family members, and followers. 

 Here are few tips to ensure that we are not exploiting our planet.

  1. Always buy Eco-friendly products.
  2. Avoid use & throw type products and start buying long-lasting /durable products.
  3. Reduce power consumption at all times.
  4. Plant more trees and decrease deforestation. 
  5. Do not pollute the air, water and land.
  6. Always remember every species is as important as humans, so protect other species.
  7. Produce fuel-efficient vehicles.
  8. Reduce fuel-based vehicles or manufacture more energy-efficient vehicles.
  9. Improve energy efficiency in buildings and reduce energy consumption wherever possible.
  10. Periodically recycle and up cycle at times.
  11. Reuse old stuff and try leasing out things that are required for the short term only. 
  12. Say 'no' to plastics as far as possible.
  13. Learn and create awareness on greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect.
  14. Lessen the usage of refrigerants and air conditioners.
  15. Always try to plan ahead of you to control wastage and increase durable solutions.
Make sure to use and buy high quality Eco-friendly products that are easy to clean, carry and maintain. You as a responsible citizen, bring it in habit to create awareness on ozone layer and its importance to all.
Every year 16th September is celebrated as World Ozone day, In order to create awareness on greenhouse gas effect and the importance of ozone layer for all.
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